The Banco de Portugal Microdata Research Laboratory (BPLIM) provides two forms of access to the microdata sets managed by Banco de Portugal: on-site and remote access.

BPLIM has two servers. The Internal Server is primarily intended for use by Banco de Portugal own researchers (internal researchers) while the External Server has remote access capabilities and is intended for external researchers. Internal researchers are not bound by any restriction in terms of data access but restrictions apply to external researchers.

For complete information about all relevant procedures involving data access at BPLIM please consult the Guide for Researchers.


Access to BPLIM micro data sets implies the submission of an Application Form that can also be found in the Download section below. The application must:

  • contain a short description of the research project;
  • identify all researchers involved in the project and their affiliation;
  • identify the datasets, timeframe, and variables required.

All external researchers with access to the data are further required to sign a Confidentiality Agreement and send a copy of their Curriculum Vitae. If the project consists of a master's or doctoral dissertation then the supervisor(s) has/have to be identified and must also sign the Confidentiality Agreement.

BPLIM staff will work with the researchers to help with the identification of the required datasets and, if needed, to build a customized dataset.

Researchers can ask for External Data sets to be added to projects. In this case, they must fill in a External Datasets Form and BPLIM must approve the use of these datasets.

Applications can be sent via e-mail to:

Upon submission of all documentation, the project will be evaluated to ensure that it addresses a legitimate research question. Once the project is approved data access will be granted in one of BPLIM's servers.

Output Access

External researchers are never allowed to transfer files to/from BPLIM’s servers. The same policy applies to internal researchers working on the external server.

Researchers working with BPLIM micro data sets must ensure that, as a general principle, an output log should never contain information that reveals individual records, and thus it should contain only aggregate-level information. The rules for Output extraction at BPLIM are defined in the Output Control Manual.

Output verification depends on staff availability and may take longer in periods when the workload is higher. BPLIM staff will only answer requests for output extraction sent by email and will take as long as needed to ensure that all confidentiality requirements are safeguarded.

Download Section:

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