Available Data Sets

Central Balance Sheet (CB)

The Central Balance Sheet Database provides economic and financial information on non-financial corporations operating in Portugal. This data set is mostly based on information reported through Informação Empresarial Simplificada (IES, Simplified Corporate Information) and contains annual data, from 2006 onwards. Until 2009 the data was reported according to the Plano Oficial de Contabilidade (POC, Official Chart of Accounts). Starting in 2010, data is reported according to a new accounting system, the Sistema de Normalização Contabilística (SNC, Accounting Standards System). This is a structural change that is reflected in the way the data set is organized.

Central Balance Sheet - Harmonized Panel (CBHP)

The Central Balance Sheet Harmonized Panel (CBHP) is a data set constructed by BPLIM and is based on the CB data. It covers the period from 2006 onwards. CBHP contains only variables that were either not affected by the POC to SNC change or variables for which we could establish a direct correspondence between the POC and SNC accounting systems (harmonized variables). Thus, all CBHP can be compared over the entire time frame of the data.

Central Credit Register - Firm Level (CRC_FRM)

The Central Credit Register - Firm Level (CRC_FRM) contains the data aggregated at the firm level from the Central Credit Register (CCR) database that reports credit information about the credit exposure outstanding. Data is available from January 1999 until August 2018.

Central Credit Register - Firm-Bank Level (CRC_FRMBNK)

The Central Credit Register - Firm-Bank Level (CRC_FRMBNK) contains a finer level of aggregation given that it is implemented at the Firm-Bank level. Data is available from January 1999 until August 2018.

Bank Balance Sheet (BBS)

The Bank Balance Sheet Database (BBS) reports detailed information on the assets and liabilities of all the monetary financial institutions (MFIs) operating in Portugal. The dataset contains monthly data, from 1997 onwards.

Fast and Exceptional Enterprise Survey (COVID-IREE)

The Fast and Exceptional Enterprise Survey was launched by Statistics Portugal (INE) and the Banco de Portugal aiming to identify the main effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on key aspects of the enterprises activity, such as firm's turnover, workforce, prices, credit conditions and the use of Government support measures. The data started being collected with a weekly frequency on April 6-10, 2020 and refers to a fortnight from May 2020 onwards. Although the survey was suspended after July 2020, three new editions were implemented in November 2020, in the first fortnight of February 2021 and in May 2022 given the evolution of the pandemic situation.

Historical Series of the Portuguese Banking Sector (SLB)

The Historical Series of the Portuguese Banking Sector Database (SLB) reports, on a consolidated basis, a wide range of series on bank’s financial statements (i.e., balance sheet, income statement, and solvency), loans to customers, interest rates, human resources, branch network, and payment systems. The dataset is updated annually.

Incentives Systems (SI)

The Incentives Systems Database includes information for projects submitted to the incentives systems funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) within the QREN (2007-2013) framework and the European Regional Development Fund and European Social Fund (ESF) within the PT2020 (2014-2020) framework. The data include information on both approved and non-approved applications.

Harmonized Central Credit Register (HCRC)

The Portuguese Central Credit Register (with the database prior to August 2018 known as the Old CRC) underwent a major revision in September, 2018 and was replaced by a new reporting system (known as the New CRC) which started to collect granular credit data at the instrument level, as framed by ECB’s Regulation (EU) 2016/867 of 18 May 2016 and Banco de Portugal’s Instruction No. 17/2018. The Harmonized Central Credit Register Database (HCRC) aims to build compatible series between the Old CRC and the New CRC by selecting a set of most relevant variables and adopting necessary steps to harmonize the data. The database covers the period from 2009 to 2022 and consists of information aggregated at the firm and bank-firm level. Data constructed at exposure level mimicking the data structure of the Old CRC is only available to internal researchers.

Spanish and Portuguese Companies Microdata (iBACH)

The Spanish and Portuguese Companies Microdata (iBACH) contains economic and financial granular information on non-financial Spanish and Portuguese corporations from iBACH. This dataset derives from BACH dataset. BACH is a database of aggregated and harmonized accounting data of non-financial companies, based on national accounting standards (individual annual accounts). This dataset is also made available by the BELab data laboratory of the Banco de España (10.48719/BELab.iBACH0822_01).
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