List of BPLIM created tools to be used with available datasets
Softwaresort descending Name Description Version Applicability
Stata aggregate Calculates aggregates by period (year or quarter) for the CRC datasets 2018-07-17 CRC_FRM, CRC_FRMBNK
Stata default Computes default event 2018-01-16 CRC_FRM, CRC_FRMBNK
Stata relationspell Computes relationship spells 2017-05-26 CRC_FRMBNK
Stata checkmd Verifies logical conditions provided by a structured csv file, exporting the results to an html file 2020-04-27 General
Stata validarcae Validates the Portuguese Classification of Economic Activities (CAE) codes 2019-09-23 General
Stata validarnif Validates the tax identification number (nipc/nif) 2016-06-27 General
Stata checkinvariant Check if a variable is invariant within a group 2019-09-10 General
Stata bpstatuse Allows users to import over 140.000 statistical series from Banco de Portugal BPstat Database 2020-06-22 General
Stata ireepanel Constructs a panel data set of the Fast and Exceptional Enterprise Survey - COVID-19 (COVID-IREE) 2020-07-31 COVID-IREE
Stata panelstat Provides a detailed characterization of a panel data set 2019-06-18 General


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