List of BPLIM created tools to be used with available datasets
Software Name Descriptionsort descending Version Applicability
Stata bpencode Allows users to encode a variable using other variable or an Excel file. Unlike encode, it's possible to use this command with a numeric variable in order to label its values. 2022-05-02 General
Stata bpstat Allows users to import over 290.000 statistical series from Banco de Portugal BPstat Databaset 2024-03-04 General
Stata aggregate Calculates aggregates by period (year or quarter) for the CRC datasets 2020-01-14 CRC_FRM, CRC_FRMBNK
Stata checkinvariant Check if a variable is invariant within a group 2019-12-20 General
Stata adocompare Compares versions of ados found in two paths/files. The command produces an Excel report detailing the differences in ados and its versions in the input paths/files. 2022-12-06 General
Stata cbhp_addindic Computes a set of indicators available in the Harmonized Panel of Central Balance Sheet Database 2019-10-30 CBHP
Stata default Computes default event 2019-10-30 CRC_FRM, CRC_FRMBNK
Stata relationspell Computes relationship spells 2019-10-30 CRC_FRMBNK
Stata ireepanel Constructs a panel data set of the Fast and Exceptional Enterprise Survey - COVID-19 (COVID-IREE) 2021-04-13 COVID-IREE
Stata mergecrc Creates linking ids for financial institutions in Central Credit Register (CRC) for the purpose of merging with Bank Balance Sheet (BBS) 2020-09-07 CRC_FRMBNK


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