List of BPLIM created tools to be used with available datasets
Software Namesort descending Description Version Applicability
Stata adoversion Generates a report about ado files currently available to the user and their version. The command searches for ados in the paths returned by adopath, in the order that they appear, producing a text report for each of the paths. 2022-12-06 General
Stata bpencode Allows users to encode a variable using other variable or an Excel file. Unlike encode, it's possible to use this command with a numeric variable in order to label its values. 2022-05-02 General
Stata bpstat Allows users to import over 290.000 statistical series from Banco de Portugal BPstat Databaset 2024-03-04 General
Stata checkinvariant Check if a variable is invariant within a group 2019-12-20 General
Stata checkmd Verifies logical conditions provided by a structured csv file, exporting the results to an html file 2022-04-07 General
Stata coconuts Creates Nomenclature of Territorial Units for Statistics (NUTS) variables for Portuguese municipalities 2021-11-05 General
Stata mdata Provides a set of tools to help users handle metadata. Almost every subcommand of this package uses an Excel file to store or retrieve metadata. 2022-05-02 General
Stata panelstat Provides a detailed characterization of a panel data set 2022-04-07 General
Stata validarcae Validates the Portuguese Classification of Economic Activities (CAE) codes 2023-02-23 General
Stata validarloc Verifies if the administrative codes are valid and allows to get different types of aggregations for valid codes according to a specific reference date 2024-03-01 General


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